Exploring South West 660 in a Freebird VW Campervan

Travel the south west 660 route in a classic VW campervan with Freebird Campers.

Iconic South West Route 660 – A Coastal Odyssey. Explore Dorset, Devon, Cornwall & Somerset in a Freebird Campers Classic VW Campervan.

Embarking on a journey along the South West 660 is akin to stepping into a postcard. Rugged cliffs meet the tumultuous waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Pretty fishing villages and sweeping country fields. What better way to experience the charm and beauty of these carefully designed routes than in a classic VW campervan?

The South West 660 route is broken into 12 manageable sections – Freebird Campers are based in Colyford near the Dorset border, so we start off in Section 3 of the route. You can do these in one or multiple visits in any order you like. Or even revisit your favourite areas, with the 660 membership you get loads of inspiration and fantastic discounts. The choice really is yours.

From the quaint fishing villages of Devon to the dramatic coastal landscapes of Cornwall, join us as we journey through parts of this picturesque coastal route. Making stops at the Caravan & Motorhome Club sites at Dartmouth, Looe, Godrevy Point, Tintagel, and Bude. If required, Freebird Campers provide membership to the CMC (pitches at member prices) when you hire one of our vans.

These club sites are perfect for pitching up and breaking your Route 660 journey. Each site has their own fantastic attributes. Stunning coastal views and walks, or steeped in history like Tintagel castle.


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To begin…

We start at Colyford home of Freebird Campers:Make your way along routes 3 & 4 to Hill Head Campsite near Dartmouth. Set in 22 acres of beautiful Devon countryside close to the coast, a campsite gem nestled along the rugged coastline of Devon. Spend the day hiking along the coastal path, breathing in the salty sea air and soaking in the tranquillity of the surroundings. In addition, Dartmouth and Kingsbridge are close by if you’d prefer a tempting selection of shops and restaurants.

Hillhead Club Campsite offers fantastic facilities. Pitches offer stunning views of the sea. Outdoor heated swimming pool, indoor complex housing, a shop, bar, restaurant, and takeaway service for all the conveniences you could want. As the sun begins to set, you can retire to our campervan for a cozy night under the stars.


Into Cornwall…

Heading on towards the historic fishing town of Looe you travel through route 4 and into 5: Looe is nestled on the south coast of Cornwall. Meandering through its narrow streets, lined with colourful cottages and bustling seafood restaurants. You can’t help but be enchanted by its old-world charm. Park up your campervan overlooking the harbour and indulge in freshly caught fish and chips. Watch the boats bobbing on the gentle waves and let the world wisp you away for a moment.


Onto the Atlantic Highway…

Traveling onward to Route 9: Another Freebird favourite is Godrevy Point, a windswept headland on the north coast of Cornwall. Famous for its iconic lighthouse and sweeping views of the Atlantic, this rugged landscape is a photographer’s dream. Whats more, you can spend hours exploring the rocky shoreline, searching for hidden coves and secret beaches. As the waves crash against the cliffs, feel a sense of awe at the raw power of nature. You can book a pitch at Godrevy Park Club Campsite currently being extensively improved and will be finished in May 24.      



Onwards! To Tintagel on Route 10: No trip to Cornwall would be complete without a visit to Tintagel. The legendary birthplace of King Arthur. Perched on the rugged cliffs of the north coast, this ancient castle has captured the imaginations of visitors for centuries. You can hike along the coastal path, marvelling at the breathtaking views and imagine the tales of knights and dragons that once echoed through the walls. As we explored the ruins, we felt a sense of connection to the past, knowing that we were treading in the footsteps of legends. Trewethett Farm Club Campsite is right on the Route 660 & coast path and is a fabulous stop off to rest a while.


And finally…

The destination for now brings us to Bude. A charming seaside town on the border between Cornwall and Devon. The sandy beaches and lively atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to end your coastal trip. Explore the hidden coves and indulge in freshly caught seafood. Brave a dip in the large sea pool, and wander along the picturesque canal. We know that the memories of our journey will stay with us forever, a testament to the beauty and wonder of the West Country coast.

Exploring the Route 660 round Devon, Dorset, and Cornwall in a classic VW campervan is a journey like no other. Where every twist and turn of the coastline reveals a new adventure waiting to be discovered. From the charming villages to the dramatic landscapes of Godrevy and Tintagel, each stop along the way offers its own unique blend of history, beauty, and excitement. So grab your Route 660 membership, hire a classic VW campervan, unleash the inspiration, and pack your bags. Hit the road and prepare to be captivated by the stunning coastlines of southwest England.

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