A sustainable road trip

Understandably, when people think ‘driving’, they can be forgiven for questioning how this can go hand in hand with an ethos of sustainability. Yet, we believe that what South West 660 stands for represents exactly that…

Rock Ferry
Tamar Bridge

'Slow Travel'

  • Like the ‘Slow Food’ movement, South West 660 is all about ‘slow travel’. By dividing the journey into daily sections averaging just over 50 miles each, we believe the ‘explorers’ on our route will actually be driving very little, in terms of mileage. There is so much to see and enjoy along each of the sections that ‘going slow’ is the mantra.
  • And we recommend you enjoy days off driving in-between sections, enjoying the destinations your road trip has brought you to. CO2 output from the average South West 660 explorer should therefore be no higher than most tourists holidaying by car and enjoying day trips out, and indeed much lower than any tourist flying to faraway destinations, taking a cruise etc.

Helping local business

Where many tourists will be supporting international chains (accommodation, food, drink, entertainment), South West 660’s sole focus is on local and regional brands. By providing direct links to accommodation providers, expensive levels of commission to the international booking website giants can be avoided.

The journey is very much part of the enjoyment

Because the journey is very much part of the experience, once you have reached the start of whatever sections you are planning on exploring, any miles you drive ARE the holiday, rather than – as most holiday makers will experience – staying in a base and making multiple and possibly lengthy journeys to and from ‘base’ during their holiday.

Ladram Bay
Budleigh Salterton sunset

The time of year

A focus on off-season

Productivity is a key issue in hospitality and tourism, with many hospitality businesses achieving relatively low levels of productivity when measured over the full calendar year. South West 660 is all about promoting off season travel. In fact, we are making a very strong point of dissuading anyone from trying to explore this iconic road trip in July or August. Promoting off season travel is a major objective for most tourism-led businesses, organisations and indeed local authorities. It also ensures that the infrastructure in place is used efficiently.

Porthcurnick Beach
Exeter Cathedral

Future focus on cycling and travel by public transport

In phases 2 and 3 of the development of South West 660, we will be developing alternative itineraries for cyclists and users of public transport, developing an extensive car-free alternative for those wishing to travel that way. 

An increasing focus on Electric

We are working hard to sign up partners involved in EV. By encouraging the use of Electric Vehicles, and communicating where the charging points are, we make it easy and attractive for people using this much more sustainable means of transport.

The South West 660

Supporting Hospitality Action and a respect for our countryside

South West 660 have made a commitment to give a significant percentage of revenue to Hospitality Action, the Charity offering vital assistance to all who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK.

Respect for the countryside – enjoying the South West 660 Road Trip is all about enjoying the natural, cultural and historic beauty on offer. As such, people joining South West 660 as members will be asked to agree to respect the countryside, and all the beauty this entails. 

We promote local, artisan and sustainably sourced

South West 660 encourage a focus on local, artisan and sustainably sourced. These are very much the criteria we use when accepting partners for South West 660, the partners we will be promoting. 

Your own journey

We hope you explore the South West 660 soon!

We hope this helps to understand that we are doing what we can to make sure the environmental impact of South West 660 ‘Explorers’ is as small as it can be. Indeed, much smaller than many other forms of travel. We always welcome a dialogue on all we do and stand for, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss, or have thoughts on how we can be even more sustainable!

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