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Saunas by the sea

Here are all the Seaside Saunas that we’re aware of, along the 12 route sections of South West 660.

Outdoor Lidos and Sea Pools on the South West 660

South West 660 offers a fabulous stretch of the British coastline, but if you don’t want to be in the open ocean, Lauren Heath shares her tips on outdoor lidos, pools and sea pools!

South West Wineries and Vineyards

Love wine or wine curious? Do you find joy in wandering around leafy grounds, on hilltop settings with awesome views, flora, and fauna? Does local produce and a unique dining setting delight you? Well, a vineyard or winery visit should be on your itinerary as a South West 660 Explorer!

Open water swimming in the South West

Enjoy the unique and unforgettable coastline along the South West 660 by plunging into the sea at every opportunity!